Trauma workshops

South African Transactional Analysis Association & FAMSA (WC) presents  Three Workshops on Trauma  Joanna Beazley Richards & John Baxendale, Trauma Specialists from the UK  Oct 30th2015  Trauma and Recovery – a TA approach: This workshop will introduce participants to the psychology of shock and trauma, the clinical difficulties that arise and the nature of effective treatment. Focus […]

The importance of bearing witness

In one of our projects in Prince Albert, the Every Voice Matters project, we often think about what it means for us to gather people’s voices and stories. This blog below clearly describes how important it may be just to have ourselves heard by one other individual. The TED talk below also talks about […]


Incidents and accidents and the unconscious mind

As coaches and facilitators, we are often in the vicinity of the unconscious mind and its strategies. In trying to understand unconscious communication – including slips of the tongue, physical and other symptoms and it seems, accidents – we may be accused of making too much of certain events. However, in my experience, if we want to […]