Depth Creativity Course

4th and 5th May 2024 – In person in Cape Town

Course cost: R4500 per person

Course Overview

A course for anyone that wants to access, unleash and harness the benefits of creativity. Creativity is a process that encourages exploration, experimentation and reflection. It encourages an environment where the symbolic, poetic, and unexpected can flourish. Our course offers processes and methodologies that enable access to the skills that benefit not just the artist, but every individual wanting to develop their effectiveness in the world. We approach the course from multiple perspectives: an experiential perspective; a theoretical perspective where the principles of creativity are identified; and a depth psychology perspective that explores the potential stored in the unconscious mind. We will provide you with the tools to consciously integrate the symbolic and poetic in your everyday personal and professional being.

For the full brochure, please follow this link: Depth Creativity Course Outline 2024