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A weekend of exploration and collaboration, Prince Albert, September 2018

Open call for participation

The Depth Leadership Trust invites you to participate in an exhibition weekend in Prince Albert from the 21st to the 24th of September 2018. The exhibition is an exploration of the theme of “Intimacy” in the way we relate to ourselves and the world. The aim is to immerse visitors in experiences of intimacy and the compassionate observation that it offers – antidotes to stress, trauma and loneliness.

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know their own beauty or perceive a sense of their own worth until it has been reflected back to them in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” ― John Joseph Powell

Artists, musicians, performers, community workers, business people (and anyone else who may be interested) are invited to participate by contributing art, performances, workshops or any other experience that serves the aim. We invite Prince Albert residents to participate by exhibiting in their homes (or their streets), studios and places of work for this event, and we invite people from other places to submit work that will be displayed at 4 de Beer Street, or any other available and suitable place.

Sign up here if you’d like to get involved or stay informed.

For more information, contact Helene Smit from the Depth Leadership Trust at 0837891453, or [email protected].

Guidelines for participation.

  • There is a participating fee of R50.00, to cover basic printing and marketing costs.
  • Any income made through the sale of work by the participants will be their own.
  • We may have an auction with reserve prices and we will take a small percentage as a contribution to education projects in town.
  • All work submitted must be clearly marked and be accompanied by a consignment note stating the artist’s name, title, media, measurements, artist price and returning address.
  • Unframed work on paper should be mounted and hang ready.
  • Please include a reserve price for your art work, should it be auctioned.
  • All logistics such as courier costs and packaging would be for the artist’s account.
  • The Depth Leadership Trust will not be responsible for any artwork not arriving in time, or any damages to artwork that may have occurred during transit. Work behind glass must be properly taped and packaged.
  • A drop off and collection point will be made available at 4 de Beer Street, Prince Albert.
  • Artwork should reach us by 17th September 2018.
  • Any unsold work will be dispatched on the Monday after the event and resident artists should collect their work on this day. Unfortunately, the Depth Leadership Trust cannot provide a storage facility after the event.
  • No late submissions will be accepted.