Depth Facilitation

Cape Town: 4th to the 7th February 2020

This course is designed to introduce participants to depth facilitation and equip them with a comprehensive understanding of the role, metaskills, skills and tasks of a depth facilitator in organisational and group settings.Participants will develop a solid and rigorous theoretical foundation from which to begin work as a depth facilitator. They will be equipped with the essential skills required to run group processes, particularly concentrating on helping a group to achieve its agreed upon goals.

Depth Creativity

Cape Town: To be announced

A new course for anyone that wants to access, unleash and harness the benefits of creativity. Creativity is a process that encourages exploration, experimentation and reflection. It encourages an environment where the symbolic, poetic, and unexpected can flourish. Our course offers processes and methodologies that enable access to the skills that benefit not just the artist, but every individual wanting to develop their effectiveness in the world

Depth Leadership Skills

Prince Albert:  To be announced

This course is for leaders who want to integrate a depth approach into their leadership work. This course offers a detailed introduction to the application of depth psychology principles and practices to leadership. Anyone who leads a group, whether a formal organisational group or even an informal social group, will benefit as a participant.