Customised depth facilitation and coaching

Scheduled on demand
Course cost dependent on duration and size of group

Course Outline
This module follows on from Depth Facilitation and Advanced Depth Facilitation in which the participants learnt about the psychology of individuals and groups in facilitated sessions, how to manage themselves as facilitators, and the essential roles and tasks of facilitation when dealing with both on the surface and under the surface processes. This module considers advanced facilitation coaching skills, tools and techniques that are appropriate for special and complex situations.

Course outcomes
By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Map and analyse a group psyche from a “depth” perspective which means understanding the psychodynamics present in the group
  • Address your own psychological complexities to ensure that they do not interfere with the group’s process by doing advanced inner work as a facilitator
  • Understand the “individuation” process in groups and individuals (the achievement of their full potential) and assist groups and individuals with this process
  • Understand and work with the symbolic processes in groups
  • Assist a group to unleash the creativity that may be locked up beneath the surface as a result of psychological blockages
  • Understand and manage the complexities and demands of large group facilitation
  • Work in a co-facilitation partnership and manage the complexities that arise from such a partnership.
  • Maintain your neutrality as a facilitator, even while employed in the organisation in which the group works
  • Explore alternative methodologies if required
  • Manage groups in crisis with appropriate facilitation interventions
  • Facilitate while simultaneously holding a leadership position
  • Facilitate from the position of being a participant in a group

Course topics
Topics to be covered include:

  • Mapping and analysing the group psyche from a “depth” perspective
  • Advanced inner work as a facilitator
  • Individuation in groups and individuals (assisting groups to achieve their full potential)
  • Working with symbolism in groups
  • Unleashing creativity
  • Large group facilitation
  • Working with the transcendent function
  • Maintaining neutrality as an internal facilitator
  • Alternative channels and methodologies
  • Managing groups in crisis
  • Facilitating as leader
  • Co-facilitation
  • Participant facilitation