Depth Inner Work – Core Skills

R 1,550.00


Presented by Hélène Smit  

A two-part webinar – next dates:

2-5 pm, 8th February 2021

2-5 pm, 22nd February 2021

Cost: R1550 including VAT  

This two-part six hour webinar will help you to understand and work with the architecture of your psyche from a depth perspective. It will empower you to understand and build a conscious relationship with the deep intelligence of your unconscious mind. It will enable you to access the wisdom of unconscious processes and integrate these into your conscious experience.

The theory will develop your insight into how the unconscious mind communicates and how your conscious mind can decode that communication. You will be introduced to core theory,  but also acquire important tools and techniques for practical inner work.  The topics covered will include:

  • The development of the psyche
  • The architecture of the psyche
  • The development of an unconscious life
  • Understanding and working with your defense mechanisms
  • Symbolism, the language of the unconscious mind
  • Decoding communication from the unconscious
  • Making sense of unconscious communication
  • Integrating unconscious processes
  • Working with dreams
  • Working with body symptoms

For more information, email [email protected]