Depth Coaching – Series of six (special offer)

R 7,500.00

Depth Coaching – a series of six depth coaching sessions designed to address psychological issues and unlock potential. Special offer: Book and pay by January 2024 and the six sessions will cost you R7500 plus VAT.


Depth Coaching

In an ad hoc depth coaching session or series of sessions, I can help and support you to do one or more of the following:

  • think through a personal or interpersonal problem or situation
  • explore a chronic emotion or blow off steam if necessary
  • make sense of dreams
  • explore body symptoms
  • understand and shift a relationship pattern
  • figure out how to address a conflict
  • make changes in the way you live, work and relate
  • cope with major life transitions

I am a trained Tavistock Executive Coach and I use a variety of methodologies, mainly based on Depth Psychology, in my work.

Special offer: If you book and pay by end March 2024, a series of six sessions will cost R7500 plus VAT.