Depth Parenting

R 3,900.00


This course is aimed at parents of children of all ages. It is designed to help you as parent develop a depth capacity in your children and to add the depth aspect to your relationship with your child. Each session will cover some theory and allow an opportunity to discuss your parenting approach and concerns.

8th March 2021 3-5pm Session 1: An overview of the depth approach, the architecture of the psyche.

19th April 2021 3-5pm Session 2: Developing secure attachment and managing developmental stages

10th May 2021 3-5pm Session 3: Working with symbols and the symbolic life of a child

7th June  2021 3-5pm Session 4: Helping your child to work with dreams

19th July 2021 3-5pm Session 5: Working with integrity and helping children to develop their full potential

16th August 2021 3-5pm Session 6: Working with conflict between parents and children

The course is run by Helene Smit, an experienced depth facilitator, coach and parent. The course costs R4485 per participant, VAT included. There is a discount if both parents wish to attend. For more information, please email Helene at [email protected].